njoyFor some people an NJoy King might be their introduction to vaping as it was for me. Out of curiosity I purchased the $2.99 free sample and have nothing outstandingly different to say from the general reviews I’ve come across. If I was ever going to recommend it I wanted to know what someone would be getting into.

There first and foremost claim is that one Njoy ecig has the equivalent puff count of 2 packs of traditional cigarettes. Give me a break. My estimate is an NJoy King is equivalent to half a pack – tops. Just based on price alone, at regular retail they certainly offer no cost savings over conventional smoking.

I cannot specifically describe the flavor. And I certainly can’t get all bowled over by any claim that this tastes like a cigarette. Initially I thought it had a somewhat sour flavor note in it. That seemed to disappear after about a quarter of it’s use. I was fiddling with the NJoy King and at the same time I also had on hand a cheap $5.00 rechargeable China import e-cig. One of those that comes in a charger that looks like a pack of cigarettes. The laughable part about this was I didn’t taste much of a difference between the NJoy King and whatever was in those cheap China cartridges. In a blind test between the NJoy King Gold and this cheap China thing I’m betting a lot of people would be having trouble picking out the NJoy King Gold.Oh, and at five bucks at least the China import battery is still working.

The other thing that bugs me about the NJoy King is the packaging. All that packaging for one disposable cigarette. I’m not exactly a tree hugger, but for what little you get out of this experience there is a hell of a lot of plastics that has to be dealt with. Sure, NJoy has a response – a recycling program. But that’s only going to work for a very small percentage of people who buy one of these and then become devoted followers. The vast majority of this spent product is heading for the trash. The clear plastic box isn’t even marked as being recyclable. It also is stamped “Made in China”. Perhaps that explains a lot about the similarity in flavor I found between the NJoy King and the $5.00 rechargeable import.

It was interesting. But that doesn’t translate into dominating the market place. At an MSRP of $9.99 each this product is going to be relegated to the “try it once” market share. Once you experience it, you probably won’t go back for another.